Extensive reading and discussions on late 18th century novels centered in and around the UK Isles. Pre-industrialism, the world of politics and a society between monarchy and thriving movements towards a single class people will be explored. Students will be required to participate actuvely in the course and write a seminar paper for this course.
This course is intended for students of Berufsmatura II. Main focus lies on grammar repetition, periods in German literature and text interpretation / analysis.

This course in English literature is intended to provide teaching material for students of B1,B2 level. Primary text is The Curious Insicdent of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon. 2003. Vintage: London.

This course will examine the parameters governing language change and dialect emergence. In this course we will be working with a new concept of language analysis. Participants will be able to esplore and experience language change and dialect emergence up close and personal and learn how to reliably interpret synchronic language data diachronically. Prior field experience is not required for this course.